Trieste Campus: A Game-Changer in Revitalizing Urban Sports Landscape

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interviews: Sophie Renhuldt

In a bid to revitalize Trieste’s sports landscape, the unveiling of the “Trieste Campus – The Citadel of Sports, a Sneak Peek” project marks a significant step forward. Spearheaded by the Councillor for Financial Policies, Everest Bertoli (first interviewee), this ambitious initiative aims to breathe new life into the city’s sporting infrastructure. Against the backdrop of Via Locchi, key stakeholders including Mayor Roberto Dipiazza, Councillor Elisa Lodi (second interviewee), and Trieste Campus President Enrico Samer (third interviewee) gathered for the unveiling ceremony on February 20.

Photo credits: Comune di Trieste

Trieste Campus, a project financed endeavor, represents a paradigm shift in Friuli Venezia Giulia’s sporting scene. With an investment exceeding 6 million euros, it reimagines the “Citadel of Sports” in Via Locchi, once dilapidated and underutilized. Scheduled for completion by March, the facility is poised to officially open its doors in May, offering state-of-the-art amenities including a cutting-edge gym overseen by renowned athletic trainer Gary Lee Dove.

The brainchild of a collaboration between various sports entities including Pallanuoto Trieste and Unione Sportiva Triestina Nuoto, Trieste Campus heralds a new era for professional, amateur, Paralympic, and integrated sports in the region. Its multifaceted approach not only caters to athletes but also serves as a hub for cultural and recreational activities. This inclusive vision underscores the project’s commitment to fostering community engagement and holistic development.

Addressing the media, Councillor Everest Bertoli expressed satisfaction with the project’s progress, noting minor delays attributed to inclement weather and infrastructure enhancements. He emphasized the significance of Trieste Campus as a catalyst for urban renewal, leveraging public-private partnerships to transform erstwhile municipal assets into vibrant community spaces.

Councillor Elisa Lodi echoed these sentiments, lauding the project’s capacity to meet the burgeoning demand for sports facilities among Trieste’s youth. She underscored the facility’s role as a nurturing ground for talent, complemented by adjacent amenities such as the renovated Sant’Andrea football field and the sprawling Bianchi swimming pool complex.

Mayor Roberto Dipiazza hailed Trieste Campus as a testament to effective collaboration between public and private sectors, highlighting its potential to enhance the city’s livability quotient. He underscored the importance of repurposing underutilized spaces to meet contemporary urban needs, citing Trieste Campus as a shining example of adaptive reuse.

In his closing remarks, President Enrico Samer underscored Trieste Campus’ commitment to inclusivity, bridging the gap between competitive and recreational sports while fostering a culture of accessibility. With its comprehensive offerings and forward-looking ethos, Trieste Campus emerges as a beacon of hope for sports enthusiasts and community members alike, signaling a promising future for Trieste’s sporting landscape.

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