Trieste University: Forging a Path to Civic Engagement and Social Responsibility

San Giusto Cathedral. Photo credits KM
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by EH

Trieste University is set to inaugurate its San Giusto Chair on February 21st, coinciding with the commencement of a series of events scheduled to unfold in the historic Cathedral. This momentous occasion is expected to mark the university’s centennial anniversary, serving as a testament to its enduring commitment to academic excellence and civic responsibility.

The discourse by Rector Roberto Di Lenarda is scheduled to take place on the evening of February 21st at 8.30 pm, amidst the grandeur of the Cathedral, providing an apt setting for reflections on the university’s past achievements and future aspirations. Against this backdrop, Rector Di Lenarda is anticipated to outline a visionary roadmap for Trieste University, highlighting its pivotal role as a catalyst for social change and community engagement.

As the university commemorates its hundred years of existence, the discourse is expected to resonate with themes of legacy, progress, and innovation. Trieste University’s journey from its inception to the present day is set to be celebrated, while its future trajectory will be charted with optimism and determination.

Following the inaugural event, a series of engagements and activities are slated to unfold, leading up to the 50th Social Week of Catholics in Italy. These events will serve as platforms for dialogue, collaboration, and collective action, underscoring the university’s commitment to addressing contemporary social challenges and advancing the common good.

The timing of these events is significant, coinciding with a period of introspection and renewal within the Catholic Church as it embarks on a synodal journey. Trieste University’s active participation in these discussions underscores its commitment to contributing meaningfully to broader societal conversations on issues of justice, equity, and human dignity.

In the words of Rector Di Lenarda, “Our university is not merely an ivory tower; it is a vibrant hub of intellectual inquiry and social responsibility.” With this sentiment in mind, the events scheduled to unfold in the coming weeks are poised to reaffirm Trieste University’s position as a leading institution dedicated to shaping a better future for all.”

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