Trieste Struggles with Parking Woes: City Dwellers Speak Out

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interviews: Sophie Renhuldt

Trieste, the picturesque port city nestled in northeastern Italy, is grappling with a modern-day woe – the scarcity of parking spaces. As the city experiences a surge in tourism, the demand for parking has skyrocketed, leaving residents and visitors frustrated and circling the streets in search of elusive spots.

In a bid to uncover the true sentiments echoing through the city’s narrow alleys and bustling squares, we took to the streets to hear from Trieste’s residents firsthand.

As Trieste grapples with this pressing issue, it’s evident that finding a balance between preserving its historic charm and accommodating modern needs will be key to resolving the parking woes plaguing its streets.

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  1. One of the beautiful things about Trieste is that you don’t really need a car. Plenty of public transportation (buses, trains, ferries) to get around the city and surrounding areas. And if you want to rent a car for a trip they have plenty of easy options. Not long ago before the pedestrian zones in the center, I remember they allowed parking in Piazza Unita and all the buildings were covered in soot from the exhausts. Maybe when the old port is developed further they can add parking options but the last thing Trieste needs is more cars.


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