Stargazing into Humanity’s Past and Future: Miramare’s Great Encounters Return in 2024

Miramare Castle.
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by InTrieste

Miramare’s “Great Encounters” series sets sail again in 2024 with a lineup of events accompanying the Kosmos exhibition, the flagship of knowledge on display until June 16 at the Stables of Miramare Castle. Following the triumph of the first meeting in January with Professor Filippo Giorgi, the second rendezvous is a joint effort with SISSA, among the scientific institutions that contributed to the exhibition’s realization. Taking the spotlight is Professor Roberto Trotta, an expert in the development and application of statistical methods and artificial intelligence in cosmology and astrophysics.

We’re all made of stardust, as the saying goes—our bodies’ atoms hail from stellar explosions billions of years past. But stars haven’t just bestowed life upon us; gazing at the heavens has aided our growth since prehistoric times. This conference delves into the remarkable connections between the sky and humanity’s story: from the role of stars in cementing our dominance over Neanderthals to navigation; from timekeeping to the triumphs of the Scientific Revolution; from astrology to artificial intelligence.

The Ship of Knowledge will undoubtedly continue to sail the world’s seas, but it’s the application of this knowledge that will determine the future of human society.

The meeting will be opened by Andreina Contessa, director of the Miramare Historical Museum and curator—alongside the museum’s exhibition office—of the Kosmos exhibition, connecting the conference’s theme with the display dedicated to the 19th-century expedition of the frigate Novara. It will be moderated by journalist Agnese Baini, affiliated with SISSA’s Interdisciplinary Laboratory.

To attend the meeting, given the limited seating, reservations must be made by emailing Reservation confirmation will be sent upon receipt of a response. The conference is included in the museum entrance ticket purchase.

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