Parking At The Airport Has Never Been More Attractive

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by Sara del Sal

Parking at the airport has never been more attractive: if you exceed half an hour, up to which is free of charge, you can leave your car at the airport for up to 12 hours, paying just 1 euro.

Considering the unbeatable fares of low-cost airlines, Trieste Airport has decided to stand on the sidelines with the prices of the parking spaces. As of the end of October 2023, the P8 and P9 car parks (roughly a thousand outdoor spaces) can be used free of charge for half an hour instead of the previous 10 and 15 minutes. If you get to 16 minutes you might just leave the car parked there all day long: up to 12 hours of parking, only 1 euro is charged.

In addition, the daily fee (up to 24 hours)  costs 11 euro, but if you’re taking a train with a destination outside Friuli-Venezia Giulia or if you come from anywhere outside the regional borders, you can get a 50% discount on your parking fee, up to 5 consecutive days of stay. Let’s say, you spent the night in Venice and you left the car at Trieste Airport: when you take the train back and you are ready to pay the ticket of the car park, you scan the QR code of the Trenitalia train ticket and you’ll pay 5,50 euro instead of 11. 

The development in the operation of the intermodal regional mobility of Trieste Airport is a priority for the region as it benefits not only the daily life of commuters and occasional users that live in the surrounding areas, but also tourists or individuals that rely on public transport as their key means of transport.

By encouraging the use of public transport and alternative modes of transportation, carbon emissions and air pollution are also reduced and altogether they contribute to the reduction in the number of injuries and deaths on the road each year.

Starting at the end of last year, Trieste Airport is trialling these changes and listening to user feedback, in order to respond with changes and updates. So far, the Councillor of the Infrastructures and the Territory of FVG Region, has proved to be very confident in the project and ready to focus on any possible improvement.

Changing your behavior and lifestyle and becoming more environmentally aware can start from taking an easy step like this, using public transportation instead of your private car. Moreover, if Trieste Airport is a national reference for multimodal transport network, offering buses, trains and airplanes at the same spot, why not take advantage of that?

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Sara Del Sal
I define myself as an unconventional expat: I lived in Budapest for five years and I recently moved back to Trieste. Today I look at my homeland with different eyes, I love to (re)discover places of my childhood or to find new spots around the region. Living abroad and traveling around made me an open-minded and tolerant person and my studies in foreign languages and journalism gave me the right amount of creativity and curiosity to never stop exploring.


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