Trieste Unveils Ambitious Tree-Planting Initiative to Foster Urban Sustainability

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by InTrieste

In Largo Barriera this morning, against the backdrop of the “M’illumino di meno” initiative, a press conference unfolded, unveiling plans for the planting of new trees. Attended by municipal officials, including Territorial Policies Councillor Michele Babuder, the event marked a strategic move towards a more eco-conscious urban landscape.

Councillor Babuder underscored the symbolic significance of the conference coinciding with the national “M’illumino di meno” day, aligning the planting of three trees in Largo Barriera with a broader commitment to sustainability. The initiative, part of a comprehensive city-wide tree-planting program, aims not only to replace felled trees but also to enhance green spaces across Trieste.

The selection of tree species reflects a blend of historical preservation and ecological considerations. Notably, the choices include species typical of 18th and 19th-century designs alongside exotic varieties found in historic parks, illustrating a nuanced approach to urban biodiversity.

Funding for these initiatives extends beyond mere tree planting to encompass comprehensive care and preservation efforts, indicating a concerted effort to ensure the long-term vitality of Trieste’s urban canopy.

With a budget of €500,000, including €300,000 allocated specifically for tree planting, the municipal administration anticipates completion of the program by autumn 2024, underscoring a sustained commitment to environmental stewardship.

In parallel, efforts to enhance energy efficiency in public lighting underscore the municipality’s holistic approach to sustainability, reflecting a broader commitment to fostering resilient and vibrant urban communities.

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