Monica Guerritore Shines in Fellini’s ‘Ginger and Fred’: A Tale of Stardom and Struggle

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by InTrieste

In a riveting performance, Monica Guerritore not only stars but also directs and adapts Federico Fellini’s melancholic masterpiece, “Ginger and Fred,” alongside co-star Massimiliano Vado. The production, a highlight of the Prosa Season at the Rossetti Theater, graces the stage from Thursday, February 15th, to Sunday, February 18th.

Set on Christmas Eve, the scene opens with a motley crew of characters entering an empty square. Some clutch wig stands, others carry suitcases with costumes, while one holds a top hat wrapped in tissue paper—symbols of their trade. They’re gathered for a Christmas show on a private television network. In the backdrop, the faint outline of a hotel window and the neon glow of an ’80s disco set the stage, with colored bulbs hinting at a party long forgotten.

As the protagonists prepare for their television debut, they’re unaware of their relegation to mere “varied human material,” destined to fill the gaps between advertisements. Throughout the night and in the makeup room, they reveal their humanity, moving the audience with tales of loneliness, modest ambitions, and the harsh realities of commercial television.

Monica Guerritore reflects on Fellini’s vision, stating, “His world is one of illusion and suggestion. The stage doesn’t depict but suggests, hinting at another realm—a world that welcomes Ginger and Fred, while simultaneously narrating their demise.”

The story follows Amelia and Pippo, known as Ginger and Fred, as they attempt to recapture the magic of their former glory. Yet, their reunion is tinged with a sense of loss, as Ginger’s departure leaves Fred adrift. Their fleeting moments of intimacy on stage are juxtaposed with the harsh realities of their existence, symbolized by Fred’s paper moon—a poignant reminder of their fleeting stardom.

“Ginger and Fred” promises to captivate audiences at the Assicurazioni Generali Hall from February 15th to 18th. Tickets are available at the Politeama Rossetti Box Office and online. Don’t miss this unforgettable performance that blends comedy and tragedy, offering a glimpse into the ephemeral nature of fame.

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