UniTS PhD Program Shatters Records and Embraces Global Diversity: A Look at Enrollment Surge and Industry Partnerships

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The upcoming PhD Welcome Day is poised to greet the latest cohort of students from the 39th cycle, specifically those funded by the PNRR who commenced their studies in January 2024.

With 170 scholarships awarded, this marks a new milestone for enrollment in UniTS doctoral programs, totaling 550 students across the 37th, 38th, and 39th cycles, representing a 10% increase.

There’s a noticeable uptick in female representation, surpassing 50% in courses such as Environment and Life, Personalized Medicine and Innovative Therapies, Molecular Biomedicine, and Nanotechnology, with an impressive 78% in Cognitive Neuroscience.

The international makeup of students, hailing from countries including Argentina, the Philippines, Ukraine, and Rwanda, underscores the global appeal of UniTS courses.

Out of the 13 programs offered, a substantial 5 have been accredited as industrial doctorates, including Nanotechnology, Circular Economy, Personalized Medicine and Innovative Therapies, Industrial and Information Engineering, and Applied Data Science and Artificial Intelligence. This accreditation reflects a robust connection with the business world, with these industries not only fully funding scholarships but also actively participating in faculty councils and contributing to training activities.


10:00 AM Welcome by UniTS’s Magnificent Rector, Prof. Roberto Di Lenarda, and the Rector’s Collaborator for Scientific Research and Doctoral Studies, Prof. Alessandro Baraldi.

10:20 AM Overview of services for doctoral students – presented by the Doctoral Office.

11:00 AM Introduction to new credits for doctoral students – presented by Prof. Alessandro Baraldi, the Rector’s Collaborator for Scientific Research and Doctoral Studies.

11:15 AM International opportunities – presented by Prof. Barbara Milani, the Rector’s Delegate for International Relations and Mobility.

11:30 AM Question Time.

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