Trieste’s Carnival 2024: Roiano District Secures Victory in 30th Palio, Masquerade Parade Draws Crowds

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by InTrieste

In Trieste’s Carnival 2024, the 30th Palio was clinched by the Roiano district, edging out Valmaura and Servola.The masquerade parade saw a remarkable turnout, drawing thousands to the square as usual.

Tomorrow, Wednesday, February 14th, marks the final act: the carnival’s funeral, slated for both San Giovanni and Servola.

Roiano’s “Everything Makes Music” theme secured the victory, with Valmaura’s “Aperilandia” taking second place, and Servola’s “Wrap Up Servola” settling for third.

The 30th Masquerade Parade, despite recent inclement weather forcing several district parades to be postponed, was a hit, attracting scores of costumed revelers, especially children.

The procession, starting at 2 pm from Oberdan Square and culminating in Unity Square, featured hundreds of masks from various districts and individual participants, along with musical bands.

Competing for the Palio di Trieste 2024 were eight districts, each presenting their themed displays.

A panel of industry experts, including tailors, costume designers, choreographers, actors, journalists, authors, and theatrical directors, judged the masks’ presentations.

The top three districts were awarded by municipal officials and dignitaries, with the remaining prizes to be distributed later through press announcements.

The anticipation for the awards ceremony was enhanced by lively music and entertainment, featuring DJ selections, group dances, and musical performances.

Entertainment both before and after the awards was overseen by local showman Mauro Manni, with assistance from the Mami Staff. The evening festivities later moved to Servola’s venues, concluding with a midnight vigil for the late Cornelio.



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