Incantalia: The Rising Retail Star Gracing Forbes Italia’s Top 100 Excellence Cover

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by InTrieste

Forbes Italia’s spotlight shines on Incantalia, the latest sensation from Polo del Gusto, gracing the cover of their renowned annual ranking, “100 Eccellenze.” Launched in September 2023 with its flagship store in Trieste, Incantalia has quickly captured attention for its innovative approach to retail.

In an exclusive interview, Riccardo Illy, President of Polo del Gusto, reflects on the journey behind Incantalia’s rise. From acquiring leading brands within the Illy Group to crafting its distinctive name and logo, Illy shares insights into the brand’s evolution and ambitious expansion plans.

Incantalia, envisioned by Illy as early as the 2000s, represents a commitment to promoting a fresh culinary culture and championing superior quality through strategic brand acquisitions.

The cover photo features the dynamic team behind Incantalia, including Rossana Bettini Illy, driving taste education and product research, Angelo Baiguera, steering communications for Polo del Gusto, and Annamaria Testa, lending her expertise in strategic communication and creativity.

With plans to establish a network of stores across Italy and beyond, Incantalia promises to redefine the retail landscape, blending tradition with innovation.

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