Prime Minister Meloni: “Today Is The Day To Ask Forgiveness For Silent Complicity”

Giorgia Meloni. Photo credits Erin McKinney
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by InTrieste

During her address, Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni recalled visiting the Basovizza Foiba several times to pay homage to the Shrine. “I return here to take a solemn commitment, to do my part so that the witness of remembrance that you, with your tenacity, pride, and courage, have allowed us to receive, is transmitted to our children,” said Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni.

“One of the fathers of our nation, Giuseppe Mazzini, said that the homeland is the family of the heart. If this is so, and it is, then you who have defended, loved, and contributed to build that homeland, are our family,” continued Giorgia Meloni.

The Prime Minister emphasized that today is a day to remember the innocents slaughtered but also to ask forgiveness on behalf of the guilty institutions of silent complicity, which for decades enveloped the events of the eastern border, and to pay tribute to all the Istrian, Julian, and Dalmatian people who, to remain Italian, decided to leave everything behind: homes, property, land, to stay with the only thing that Tito’s communist could not take from them: their identity.

“The Karst river of remembrance has surfaced, has become strong, impetuous, and today shines in all its beauty in the sunlight, a light that no reductionist, denialist, or justificationist attempt of that tragedy can ever obscure,” she stated.

“An entirely Italian story that we want to contribute to perpetuate over time also with the birth of the National Museum of Remembrance, a museum that will be built in Rome, the capital of Italy, because this is a story that does not belong to a small portion of the border, or what remains of the exodus of the Julian Dalmatian people, but is a story that belongs to the entire Italy, and the entire Italy must have the opportunity and the occasion to say thank you,” concluded Giorgia Meloni.

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