Memory Train Inaugurated: Bridging Italy’s Historical Divide Through Shared Remembrance and Unity

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by InTrieste

The Memory Train, a significant initiative aimed at fostering unity and remembrance, was inaugurated at Trieste’s central station today. Governor Massimiliano Fedriga of Friuli Venezia Giulia delivered remarks, highlighting the train’s role in acknowledging Italy’s past, particularly the persecution of Italians by Titoist communists along the eastern border. Fedriga emphasized the importance of preserving this collective memory, condemning past attempts to obscure it.

The ceremony, attended by Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni and several ministers, underscored the event’s significance in Italy’s historical narrative. Following the inauguration, Fedriga joined families of Foibe victims at Warehouse 26 in the Old Port area, where he reiterated the importance of honoring the past to ensure it is not forgotten.

The Memory Train features a multimedia exhibition onboard, offering a comprehensive journey through the experiences of Istrian, Fiuman, and Dalmatian exiles. Departing from Trieste on February 11, the train will make stops in cities across the country before concluding its journey in Taranto on February 27.

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