Former FVG President Debora Serracchiani: Reflecting on Unity at Train of Remembrance Inauguration

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by InTrieste

Former president of Friuli Venezia Giulia, Debora Serracchiani, made a poignant statement at the inauguration of the Train of Remembrance at Trieste Central Station on February 10. Reflecting on the historical significance of the event, she remarked, “The oriental border used to be a wall for a long time, but now the wall has been broken down.”

Serracchiani’s words carry profound symbolism, resonating with the region’s complex history and the enduring impact of division. Trieste, situated at the crossroads of cultures and ideologies, bore witness to the scars of past conflicts and partitions. The Train of Remembrance stands as a testament to collective remembrance and reconciliation, commemorating those who suffered and perished during times of strife.

By acknowledging the dismantling of barriers, Serracchiani highlights the progress towards unity and collaboration. The once-impenetrable divide has given way to connectivity and dialogue, fostering a spirit of openness and understanding. In an era marked by uncertainty and polarization, her message serves as a reminder of the transformative power of breaking down walls—both physical and metaphorical.

As Trieste embraces its role as a symbol of reconciliation, Serracchiani’s words echo a shared aspiration for a future built on inclusivity and mutual respect. The inauguration of the Train of Remembrance signifies not only a commemoration of the past but also a commitment to shaping a more harmonious tomorrow.

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