Trieste to Host Spectacular Premiere of ‘Cats’ Musical: A Feline Extravaganza Takes Center Stage at Politeama Rossetti

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The highly anticipated musical “CATS,” directed by Massimo Romeo Piparo and featuring Andrew Lloyd Webber’s music, is set to premiere at the Politeama Rossetti on February 8th. Preceding the show, Professor Peter Brown will deliver a talk at 6 p.m., admission free. The production will run until Sunday, February 11th, as a collaboration between PeepArrow Entertainment and the Teatro Sistina, under exclusive license from The Really Useful Group, London.

“CATS” promises a captivating experience, blending fantasy, drama, romance, and memorable music. Lead by Chiara Canzian as Grizabella, with her rendition of “Memory,” the cast of over 30 performers, accompanied by a live orchestra conducted by Maestro Emanuele Friello, delivers a visually stunning performance, choreographed by Billy Mitchell.

Director Massimo Romeo Piparo’s innovative adaptation sets the story in a futuristic “dumpsite” backdrop in Rome, with the Colosseum as the stage’s centerpiece. This approach adds an Italian twist while staying true to the musical’s essence.

The narrative unfolds against the backdrop of the Jellicle Ball, where Old Deuteronomy, portrayed by Fabrizio Corucci, guides the feline characters, including the captivating Grizabella and a host of unforgettable personalities like Gus, played by Fabrizio Angelini, and Rum Tum Tugger, portrayed by Giorgio Adamo.

“CATS” continues to enchant audiences worldwide, transcending cultural boundaries with its rich storytelling and timeless music. As it prepares for its debut at the Teatro Stabile del Friuli Venezia Giulia, the production reaffirms its status as a cultural phenomenon, celebrating creativity and imagination.

Tickets can be purchased at the Rossetti’s box office or directly on

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