What To Do In Trieste This February 2024

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Trieste bids farewell to the darkest days of winter and welcomes a February full of interesting social and cultural events in our city by the Adriatic sea. Here are our daily tips for things to do this February.

Feb 1 Start the month off right with a whipped cream-topped hot chocolate at Chocolat in via Cavana.

Feb 2 Hop on the Delfino Verde ferry to visit the beautiful town of Muggia and the Beethoven Library.

Feb 3 Pop into Hilton Hotel for an afternoon cocktail inspired by a 13th-century spice route.

Double Tree Hilton Bar

Feb 4 Take a bike ride in Porto Vecchio.

Feb 5 Keep colds at bay the Italian way and enjoy a spremuta d’arancia at your local bar.

Feb 6 Take a train to visit the Basilica of Aquileia, which has 11th century frescoes.

Feb 7 For a sweet treat near Piazza Unità, stop by the scrumptious Harry’s Pasticceria.

Feb 8 Discover Immaginario Scientifico in Porto Vecchio, a great day outing with kids.

Immaginario Scientifico

Feb 9 Enjoy a caffelatte at Pier with spectacular views of the harbor.

Feb 10 Let carnevale be the perfect excuse to try some Jerian castagnole.

Feb 11 Head to Muggia and celebrate the 70th edition of the carnival in style. Don’t forget to dress up!

Feb 12 Have a capo-in-b in the sun at Caffè degli Specchi.

Trieste Carnival 2019

Feb 13  Join the crowds in Piazza Unità for this year’s carnival celebrations.

Feb 14 Pick up an artisanal cake at La Bomboniera near piazza San Antonio and give it to someone you love.

Feb 15 Bring a date to see the collection of ancient sculptures at Museo Winckelmann.

Feb 16 Scour the wares at Mercatino Dell’antiquariato right behind Piazza Unità for unique additions to your winter wardrobe.

Feb 17 Spend the day with your dog at Fido Lido in Muggia.

Feb 18 Take a day trip to Monte Lussari and enjoy some cool mountain air.

Feb 19 How long has it been since you’ve seen the Miramare Castle? Go at night for a romantic experience.

Feb 20 Make a day trip to Pordenone, rated as the best city to live in Italy in 2020.

Feb 21 Meet friends for a typical Trieste aperitivo by the canal at Caffè Rossini.

Caffè Rossini

Feb 22 Get out of your comfort zone and cold plunge in Barcola.

Feb 23 Meet the real Carrie Bradshaw at the Rossetti theater tonight starring Candace Bushnell. Italian premier, not to be missed!

Feb 24 Immerse yourself in Japanese culture at Museo D’Arte Orientale.

Feb 25 Make a food-filled pilgrimage to Mercato Coperto and search for Rosa di Gorizia.

Feb 26  Indulge in a delicious rebechin at Sior Rosa.

Feb 27 Be inspired by the beauty of Botanical Gardens in via Marchesetti.

Feb 28 For an uplifting experience head for a walk on the Rilke Trail, with magnificent views over Duino.

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