Headlining Science and Comics: Dario Bressanini Unveils “Doctor Newtron” at San Giusto Castle

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In a captivating fusion of science and storytelling, renowned chemist and science communicator Dario Bressanini is set to unveil “Doctor Newtron: The Science in Comics” at San Giusto Castle on Saturday, February 3rd, at 5:30 PM. This special event, part of the calendar of special events organized by the Municipality of Trieste and the Cappella Underground, is within the framework of the exhibition “Space Spears: 60 Years of Festival and Science Fiction in Trieste.”

Supported by an extensive textual apparatus, “Doctor Newtron” is a sharp and humorous graphic essay that explores the intricate relationship between science and comics over time. Bressanini intricately weaves together science and comic art, offering a profound and original reflection on how scientists and real-world events, from Oppenheimer to the launch of Sputnik to the Human Genome Project, have influenced superhero comics, reshaping the representation of science and scientists in the collective imagination. The discussion will be moderated by science journalist Simona Regina.

Additionally, on Saturday, February 3rd, and Sunday, February 4th, the exhibition spaces will host another special event titled “Laser Brushes and Beyond: Reinterpreting Film Posters of Fantasy and Science Fiction.” From 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM, comic artists, masters of the craft, and budding illustrators will reinterpret iconic film posters under the watchful eyes of visitors. This event, a collaboration between La Cappella Underground, the Municipality of Trieste, the Trieste Academy of Comics, and the ShorTS International Film Festival, promises to be a visual feast.

“Space Spears: 60 Years of Festival and Science Fiction in Trieste” commemorates the sixtieth anniversary of the International Science Fiction Film Festival of Trieste (1963-1982), the precursor to the current Trieste Science+Fiction Festival. The exhibition not only chronicles the history of the festival from its inception but also explores the evolution of over a century of science fiction cinema. Vintage photographs, original movie posters, a video gallery showcasing cinematic science fiction in all its forms, stage costumes, memorabilia, scientific gadgets, and other surprises await visitors in the halls of the Bastione Fiorito within San Giusto Castle.

The exhibition is organized by the Municipality of Trieste – Department of Culture and Tourism Policies in collaboration with La Cappella Underground, with the support of the Friuli Venezia Giulia Autonomous Region, the CRTrieste Foundation, the Casali Foundations, and in collaboration with Elettra-Sincrotrone Trieste.

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