Weather Alert: Intense Rain and Wind Hit Friuli Venezia Giulia

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by InTrieste

The Regional Civil Protection issued the first yellow alert for hydro-geological risks in Friuli Venezia Giulia. Brace for heavy rain and the notorious bora in Trieste from Saturday evening.

Saturday, January 6th: Widespread Intense Precipitation

Expect intense rain on Saturday, with Trieste experiencing more moderate rainfall. Snow levels vary from 1100-1300 meters in the Alps and 1300-1600 meters in the Prealps. Accumulating snow, possible thunderstorms, and moderate southeast winds along the coast are anticipated. Trieste will face strengthening bora in the evening.

Sunday, January 7th: Lingering Precipitation and Strong Winds

Residual precipitation continues into Sunday morning, gradually tapering off. The bora remains strong or forceful over the Karst and in Trieste. Moderate northeast winds in the plains and sustained winds at higher altitudes persist.

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