Trieste Renews Peace Initiative on the 56th World Peace Day

Photo credits Stefano Grezar
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by EH

In a powerful nod to the 56th World Peace Day, Trieste once again played host to a vibrant initiative led by the Committee for Peace, Coexistence, and Solidarity – Danilo Dolci. The action kicked off in the late afternoon right outside the Town Hall on Piazza Unità, right next to the plaque marking the infamous racial laws of Trieste.

Photo credits Stefano Grezar

The procession weaved its way through the city streets, culminating in Piazza Sant’Antonio. This annual New Year’s spectacle, a tradition since the 1980s, isn’t just a parade – it’s a mission. A mission to wake up both citizens and institutions to the brutal realities of wars worldwide, ranging from the Israel-Hamas fracas to the heart-wrenching tales of Ukraine and the often-overlooked conflicts scattered across the globe.

Photo credits Stefano Grezar

Front and center was the pressing issue of the migrant crisis, with a particular spotlight on the daily hardships at what’s colloquially known as the “silos of shame” – a critical terminal on the Balkan route. This crucial aspect was underscored in a pointed official statement, emphasizing the urgent need for attention and action.

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