De Banfield Association Launches Christmas Solidarity Initiatives in Trieste

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by Valentina Salcedo

The De Banfield Association unveiled its Christmas 2023 solidarity initiatives, featuring the presence of volunteers from the Emporio della Solidarietà in the atrium of the Trieste Chamber of Commerce (Piazza della Borsa). This event will run from Tuesday, November 28, to Friday, December 1, showcasing brand-new shoppers, artisanal panettone, and chocolates.

In anticipation of Christmas, the De Banfield Association’s annual charitable project returns, with Emporio della Solidarietà volunteers stationed in the atrium of the Trieste Chamber of Commerce (Piazza della Borsa 14) from the morning of Tuesday, November 28, to Friday, December 1. They are accompanied by their latest creations crafted specifically for Christmas 2023. Today, the director of the De Banfield Association, Giovanna Pacco, and volunteer coordinator Gabriella Corsi presented the initiative.

On the De Banfield tables, visitors can find the latest creations of the “La Borsa che Dona” (The Giving Bag) line. These include artisanal panettone and nougat from Zaghis, and chocolates from Bramardi, all meticulously packaged by hand by the volunteers. These are not just ordinary packages but shoppers, pouches, and fabric bags created from unused fabrics, scarves, and even precious ties donated to the association, giving them a new purpose. This project aligns with the ethos of “La Borsa che Dona,” focusing on the reuse of high-quality materials in an ecological, artisanal, and supportive manner.

The goal of these Christmas solidarity initiatives is rooted in the belief that assistance in one’s residence can enhance the lives of frail elderly individuals. Support is also crucial for family caregivers who bear the challenging responsibility of their care. Therefore, during this delicate holiday season, donors are urged to pay extra attention. With a small gesture, they can provide serenity and assistance to those in need.

All proceeds from the donations collected at the Chamber of Commerce will be used to support the De Banfield Association’s home care service. This service includes projects for the movement of frail elderly individuals and training for family members and family caregivers directly at home. The projects aim to guide frail elderly individuals toward recovering possible capacities and make families independent in managing care. As of 2023, more than 120 people have received free support from the De Banfield home care team, providing a total of 132 hours of assistance per month with trained healthcare professionals, socio-health workers, and family caregivers. Additionally, a group of volunteers visits selected users at least once a week.

Another meaningful gesture of affection that citizens can “give” to De Banfield users is sending a postcard with Christmas wishes. People can support the elderly not only through a monetary donation but also with a personal message of greetings. This message will be transcribed onto a postcard provided by the association, which will be delivered directly to the users’ homes. It’s a way to demonstrate closeness to those experiencing difficult old age by dedicating a personal thought. The postcard can be filled out online on the website or by sending holiday wishes via email to Those already on the association’s mailing list will receive the postcard by mail and can return it in person or send it to the De Banfield offices by mail.

None of the individuals taken care of by De Banfield will be alone during Christmas. The team of professionals, including nurses, social workers, and socio-health operators, works daily at home to restore autonomy and security to many frail elderly individuals. This is made possible by the support of numerous donors, enabling the association to offer free and direct home support, including assistance organization, provision of aids, personalized physical activities, help with bureaucratic procedures, nursing consultations, family and caregiver training, networking with public services, and, most importantly, the warmth of a friendly presence. This support is further enhanced by the valuable commitment of volunteers and their important acts of constant care, such as companionship, grocery shopping, relief to the family, and many other essential acts of care.

Anyone can choose to make a voluntary donation to the association to ensure hours of free assistance by visiting the offices at Via del Lavatoio 4 (cash or POS), making a bank transfer to the Unicredit bank account (IBAN IT 31 Y 02008 02230 00000 5533689), or using a credit card and PayPal on the website under the “DONATE NOW” section.

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