Trieste Sets the Stage for the 13th National Science Communication Conference: A Confluence of Scientific and Communicative Challenges

SISSA Trieste. Photo credits, SISSA.
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The XIII National Science Communication Conference is underway in Trieste, tackling scientific and communicative challenges in a four-day event coinciding with the thirtieth anniversary of the “Franco Prattico” Master’s in Science Communication.

From November 28 to December 1, the International School for Advanced Studies (SISSA) is hosting over 400 science communicators for more than 40 sessions, delving into the intricate relationship between science and society. The conference, a platform for discussing the opportunities and challenges in contemporary scientific communication, features more than 140 speakers.

The pressing themes of climate, artificial intelligence, open access, innovation in information, and globalization are under the microscope, explored through various lenses. The event will culminate in a remarkable celebration of the thirty-year journey of the “Franco Prattico” Science Communication Master’s program, a unique entity in Italy for its history and prestige.

Established in 2002 by science journalist Pietro Greco, the conference aims to provide insights and ideas to enhance the quality of science communication. This year’s diverse program reflects the multitude of opportunities, resources, potential, and constraints characterizing different contexts in the dissemination of contemporary scientific knowledge.

Conference Topics:

  • Information Landscape: Exploring ongoing innovations, opportunities, infodemics, new journalistic formats, and emergency communication.
  • Specific Perspectives: Investigating the role of women in science, the communicative lessons from the pandemic and climate, and their implications for climate change communication.
  • Artificial Intelligence: Scrutinizing from catastrophic concerns to techno-optimism, the risks, and opportunities of the algorithmic society in communicative terms.
  • Case Studies: Analyzing the case of bear JJ4 and the gap between general media and science’s responsiveness.
  • Formats: Discussing established and experimental formats in various fields such as museums, planetariums, informal education, schools, risk communication, and institutional communication.

Highlights of the 2023 Edition: The conference program is curated through a combination of selected proposals via a call and evaluations by the Program Committee, along with initiatives from an Advisory Board in collaboration with the Organizing Committee.

Organized by the Interdisciplinary Laboratory of SISSA with the support of SISSA Medialab, iNEST – Interconnected Nord-Est Innovation Ecosystem, Feltrinelli Education, in collaboration with AICUN – Associazione Italiana dei Comunicatori di Università, SWIM – Science Writers in Italy, and media partnership with Agenda17, Il Bo Live, and Scienza in rete. The event is co-organized by the Municipality of Trieste.

30th Anniversary of the Master: The conference will culminate in the celebration of the 30th anniversary of the “Franco Prattico” Science Communication Master’s program, a cornerstone in scientific communication in Italy. Taking place on December 1 at the Teatro Miela Bonawentura in Trieste from 3:00 PM onwards, the event will feature testimonials from former students. The program will be introduced by the Director of SISSA, Andrea Romanino, and the Director of the Interdisciplinary Laboratory of SISSA, Andrea Gambassi. The afternoon will conclude with remarks from the Director of the Master, Nico Pitrelli, accompanied by the music of the Maxmaber Orkestar.

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