Nautaverso: Unveiling Trieste’s Innovative Parco del Mare 5.0

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by Valentina Salcedo

The new digital version of the “Parco del Mare 5.0” project, named “Nautaverso,” is set to be established. Initially launched in 2004 by the President of the Chamber of Commerce of Trieste, Antonio Paoletti, as a response to the failure of the 2008 Trieste Expo, the project aims to create “the largest Mediterranean Aquarium.”

After 19 years, numerous projects, protests, signature collections, and surveys, a turnaround has led to the current version presented at the Trieste Convention Center. The hub will be constructed in the “Porto Lido” area, owned by the port authority, not far from the city center. The site, with deteriorating buildings currently undergoing demolition, is leased to Trieste Navigando Srl for 40 years. The project includes a marina and associated facilities.

The Nautaverso project will cover a 17,300 sq m area, featuring a 4,700 sq m Digital Experience Center (Dec), technical areas for the marina (835 sq m), shops, and services (1,000 sq m). The Dec theme park will use technology to immerse visitors in marine experiences, allowing them to swim alongside sharks, play with dolphins, and explore the Antarctic pack.

The Methahall, a 1,000 sq m space, offers a virtual underwater environment without the need for devices. The Submariner/Simulator capsule provides a 5D exploration of rare species and unreachable depths. The Immersive Room features interactive multimedia paths, 3D projections, and tactile simulators for group experiences.

The Virtual Aquarium utilizes LED screens to create the illusion of a real aquarium, showcasing marine environments from around the world. The Auditorium incorporates special effects, cutting-edge projection systems, and sensory experiences. The Science on Sphere room offers educational sessions on marine environmental sustainability, displaying 500 sets of constantly updated data on Earth.

Science Lab serves as a research and technology space, collaborating with innovative startups. It recreates simulations of ancient marine fauna. The Time Machine exhibit allows observation of the evolution of extinct species from the dinosaur era and speculations on future evolution.

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Born in Sogamoso, Colombia Valentina is a journalist with multiple articles in “Conexión Externado” and winner of the José Recassens recognition for the best chronicle the last edition. She is currently living in Trieste, inspired by the charm of the city. A Senior year Communication and Journalism student at the University Externado of Colombia. Storyteller by heart and a future author. Valentina is a full-time intern at InTrieste.


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