Trieste’s Waterfront Promenade Set For Vital Restoration: €200,000 Allocated For Urgent Repairs

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by InTrieste

The municipality has issued a resolution by the town councilor for Urban Planning, Michele Babuder, allocating a budget of €200,000 for the promenade named after Benedetto Croce, stretching from the Barcola marina to the Miramare Castle.

A stopgap measure that, if nothing else, serves to revitalize the maritime promenade of Trieste, at least until substantial reinforcements arrive. The technical aspects will be overseen by the Director of Roads & Infrastructure, Gustavo Zandanel.

Photography credits: Erin McKinney

The intervention is expected to be completed in 120 days, but councilor Babuder hopes to finish with a significant time-saving. The funds, allocated for this purpose, come from various sources of surplus (regional contribution).

Photography credits: Erin McKinney

The explanatory report, prepared by the designers Michela Crevatin and Michela Zornada, underlines the severity of the damages: a significant state of degradation of the porphyry block pavement along the sidewalk, the sandstone paving between the sidewalk and the cliff facing the sea are torn apart. Parts of the wall, tasked with containing and supporting the sidewalk, are at risk of collapse or even missing.

The restoration will occur in three phases. The first involves cleaning and recovering the stone material, which will be taken to a specialized center for treatment. Subsequently, a high-density polypropylene textile will be applied, with an additional pour of un-reinforced concrete. The retaining wall of the sidewalk will be secured and waterproofed through reconstruction with its current characteristics, while the unusable inert material will be disposed of in a landfill. It is evident that the construction site will be integrated with the pedestrian passage, which must be protected by appropriate barriers.

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