Clash Between Trade Union Leader and Transport Minister Escalates Ahead of Shortened National Strike

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by InTrieste

In a heated exchange of words, a war has erupted between a prominent trade union leader and Italy’s Transport Minister over a planned national strike set for November 17. The Italian government has scaled down the originally proposed 24-hour strike to a mere four hours, primarily impacting the public transport sector.

Scheduled to extend its impact to the education and health sectors, the strike has been organized by two major trade unions, CGIL and UIL. Their objectives include demanding salary increases and expressing discontent with the government’s 2024 budget bill.

However, the industrial action faced a sudden twist as Italy’s Deputy Premier and Transport Minister, Matteo Salvini, intervened by issuing an injunction on Tuesday night. Salvini’s order, according to a statement from the transport ministry, permits strikes exclusively between 09:00 and 13:00 on Friday, affecting the entire transport supraoccluding the aviation sector, where unions had already signaled a change of plans. The move has intensified the ongoing verbal sparring between the trade union leader and the transport minister as the nation braces for a truncated day of protest.

The information about upcoming strike can be found here and here.

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