Basking In November’s Glow: Unseasonable Warmth Envelops Trieste Following St Martin’s Day

Photo credits Erin McKinney
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by InTrieste

A balmy spell has embraced the city of Trieste in an unexpected meteorological twist following St Martin’s Day. Residents and visitors alike find themselves basking in unseasonably warm November temperatures, a spectacle that has prompted outdoor gatherings with individuals donning t-shirts amid the mid-November sunshine.

Meteorologist Lorenzo Tedici, from the renowned weather forecast platform, predicts that this unanticipated warmth will persist until Thursday. Presently, temperatures across Italy are registering “5 to 8°C higher” than the customary averages for this time of year.

This burst of sunshine gracing Trieste emerges in the aftermath of St Martin’s Day on November 11, a date inextricably linked with l’Estate di San Martino in Italy. This phenomenon, often referred to as an Indian summer, is attributed to the benevolence of the fourth-century saint, creating a picturesque extension of warmth and sunlight beyond the typical expectations of November’s climate.

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