Trieste’s Colle San Giusto Gets A Face-Lift

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by Valentina Salcedo

The municipal administration, led by the Councilor for Territorial Planning, Michele Babuder, unveiled a redevelopment program for the iconic Colle di San Giusto and the Cathedral’s surroundings which will include vibrant greenery and a dramatic tree revival that promises to breathe new life into the heart of our city.

Four rows of majestic cypress trees dancing along the Roman forum’s esplanade, and a lush haven within Parco della Rimembranza replacing the ghosts of trees past making it not just a face-lift but a strategic makeover of our urban landscape’s historical jewels.

The administration is set to transform the pavements along Rive Tommaso Gulli, Grumula, and Nazario Sauro, enhancing the charm with holm oaks and a groundbreaking ECODRAIN flooring. This game-changing upgrade ensures better gas exchange and fights compaction, providing the perfect stage for the 125 holm oaks to shine.

Not to mention the pièce de résistance – a pedestrian promenade renaissance on Colle di San Giusto. Councilor Babuder spills the beans, revealing plans to replace eight weary trees with vibrant, ready-to-blossom young ones. The result? A rejuvenated landscape and an enhanced walking experience, set to be unwrapped by Christmas 2023.

But the transformation doesn’t stop there. Piazza Venezia, with its two rows of trees and hidden cultural gems, is in for a makeover. Unveiling the city’s rich history, the Archduke Maximilian monument will take center stage. Say goodbye to obstructive branches, as shrubs of limited height replace three tired plane trees, and a new plane tree graces the square, all guarded by a sleek metal fence.

Councilor Babuder assures us that this green revolution is more than just a visual spectacle – it’s a commitment to our environment. Thanking the dedicated Municipality offices for their tireless efforts, he reveals plans to restore storm-ravaged greenery in Barcola’s pine forest and seafront, proving that our city’s commitment to a greener tomorrow knows no bounds.

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Born in Sogamoso, Colombia Valentina is a journalist with multiple articles in “Conexión Externado” and winner of the José Recassens recognition for the best chronicle the last edition. She is currently living in Trieste, inspired by the charm of the city. A Senior year Communication and Journalism student at the University Externado of Colombia. Storyteller by heart and a future author. Valentina is a full-time intern at InTrieste.


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