“Fotografia Zeropixel Unveils Thrilling CLIMAX: A Decade of Analog Excellence”

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In a dazzling celebration of the artistry and allure of analog photography, Fotografia Zeropixel’s milestone 10th edition is set to captivate Trieste from November 16 to November 26, 2023. With 47 accomplished photographers showcasing over 100 evocative images across 12 dynamic events, this festival promises to be an immersive journey into the heart of visual storytelling.

Themed ‘CLIMAX,’ this edition explores the exhilarating ascent to the apex, delving into moments that pulse through our existence with an intensity that takes us to higher levels of emotion. From the pinnacle of a love affair to scaling the summit of a mountain, CLIMAX captures the essence of those transformative experiences, weaving a tapestry of intense and vibrant emotions.

Organized by the photographic association Silver Age in collaboration with the Assessorato alle Politiche della Cultura e del Turismo del Comune di Trieste, Fotografia Zeropixel presents a rich lineup of three exhibitions, three lectures, three workshops, and a special musical visual event to kick off the festivities. This ten-day extravaganza invites attendees to discover and rediscover the enduring techniques of chemical photography that continue to shape the creative processes of many esteemed authors.

The festival’s flagship event is the collective exhibition ‘CLIMAX,’ featuring the works of Italian and international photographers from Slovenia, Austria, Portugal, Finland, Serbia, the United Kingdom, and Japan. Curated by Massimiliano Muner, the exhibition will open on Thursday, Nov. 16, at 18.00 in the grand setting of Sala U. Veruda, Palazzo Costanzi. The opening event will feature an audiovisual projection with a visual music performance by Alexey Grankowsky and Luigi Tolotti, adding an extra layer of sensory delight. Attendees can also get their hands on a limited-edition print catalog (100 copies) at the vernissage.

Adding to the visual feast, Alex Timmermans’ exhibition ‘Storytelling,’ curated by Giacomo Frullani and Federica Luser, will open at Trart Gallery on Friday, Nov. 17, at 18.00. On Saturday, Nov. 18, Enzo Tedeschi, the fourth Sergio Scabar Prize winner, will showcase his solo exhibition ‘Tempus Amplius’ in the eloquent surroundings of Sala Fittke in piazza Piccola 3, starting at 18.00. Both exhibitions are free to the public and will run until Sunday, Nov. 26, daily from 10-13 / 17-20.

As part of the festival’s diverse offerings, attendees can engage in cultural discussions and unmissable events. On Friday, Nov. 17, at 10:30, photographer Ivan Piano will share insights into his research and project ‘Nessun; s’è fermato qui.’ in a meeting at Sala Veruda. The cultural agenda continues with a guided tour of the exhibitions on Sunday, Nov. 19, and a lecture by Claudio Ernè on ‘Francesco Penco’ on Monday, Nov. 20.

A special highlight on Tuesday, Nov. 21, at 18.30 in Sala Veruda will be the presentation of the new Polaroid I-2 camera by the Attualfoto team, in collaboration with Polaroid and Nital. The week unfolds with a historical meeting on Wednesday, Nov. 22, at 17.30, delving into the life of Elizabeth “Lee” Miller (1907/1977).

The festival concludes on Sunday, Nov. 26, at 11.00 in Sala Veruda, with the much-anticipated closing event. Chaired by photographer and journalist Claudio Ernè, the jury will announce the winner of the fifth edition of the prestigious Sergio Scabar Prize, adding a crescendo to the climax of Fotografia Zeropixel’s remarkable journey.

Complementing the visual spectacles are three engaging workshops held in Sala Veruda of Palazzo Costanzi. From ‘Inner Climax’ with Daniele Sandri to the ‘Lomowalk’ photographic exploration of Trieste’s historic center, participants will have the chance to immerse themselves in the art and craft of analog photography.

The fifth edition of the Sergio Scabar Prize, chaired by Claudio Ernè, pays homage to the legacy of photographer Sergio Scabar, emphasizing his unwavering commitment to analog photography in the face of the digital age. The esteemed jury includes Lucia Comuzzi Scabar, Ennio Demarin, and Massimiliano Muner. This distinguished award, initiated in 2019, celebrates Scabar’s role as one of Italy’s leading interpreters of contemporary photography, where shooting and printing were not just processes but true tools for reflection and investigation.

In a blend of artistic exploration and cultural enrichment, Fotografia Zeropixel’s 10th edition promises to be a sensorial journey into the heart of analog photography, celebrating a decade of creative brilliance and visual storytelling.

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