The Iberian-Latin American Film Festival of Trieste Takes Off This Sunday

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The first day of the festival, this Sunday 5 November, is dedicated to Allende: 50 years later and the first three films of the festival will pay homage to the Chilean president and his legate. The festival will run until 12 November at Teatro Miela.

The Ibero-Latin American Film Festival is also memory and redemption of the past, as director Rodrigo Díaz likes to say. And this year the memory takes the audience to Salvador Allende’s Chile, with the section Allende: 50 years later, made up of twenty works, including documentaries and films that recall those dramatic days and their consequences on generations of Chileans, who lived under dictatorship or in pain of exile.

The first screenings, this Sunday, 5 November 2023, will take place in Duino (TS), in the Proloco Duino-Aurisina – Palazzina Infopoint of Promoturismo FVG (Sistiana 56 B), where the Festival moves for its first day and where, on the 6th, 7th and November 8, some films from the Contemporanea Mundo Latino section will be screened.

At 3.30 pm, Allende mi abuelo by Marcia Tambutti Allende is the director’s homage to family memories, crushed by the political importance of her grandfather, by exile and by pain. “A careful and close look, which tries to break the family silence maintained for decades by three generations of a wounded family” comments the synopsis.

Immediately afterwards, at 5.30 pm, El diálogo de América by Alvaro Covacevich, a 1972 documentary on the meeting of President Allende and Fidel Castro in the presidential house of Tomas Moro. They talk about revolution, imperialism and oligarchy, underdevelopment, cultural and economic dependence, the exercise of democracy in Chile through the vote and the Sierra Maestra mountains in Cuba. A meeting between two of the most influential leaders of the Latin American political imagination of the Twentieth century. Making it even more precious is the presence of Alvaro Covacevich, who was a personal friend of Salvador Allende and who will talk to the audience after the screening.

The first day of screenings will end at 6.45 pm, with Villa Olímpica by Sebastián Kohan Esquenazi, a 2022 Chilean-Mexican-Argentine co-production, which presents as a tribute to Mexico and its ability to welcome the exiles of Latin American dictatorships. In the Olympic Village of the capital, 3 thousand exiles lived in 30 buildings and 904 apartments: but the end of the exile and the return home, at the end of the dictatorships, also meant the beginning of the exile of the children, who grew up in Mexico and far away from the lands of origin, longed for by their parents.

All films scheduled are in the original version, with Italian subtitles. Entrance to the screenings is free.

Updated information on the Festival and its daily program, on

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