Halloween Night Full Of Science + Fiction Festival

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Trieste Science+Fiction, the science fiction festival scheduled until Wednesday 1 November, celebrates Halloween with a very rich calendar of film premieres.

Tuesday 31 October begins at 2.30pm at the Miela Theater with screenings of Spazio Corto, a section dedicated to short films made in Italy. In the afternoon at 3.00 pm the Italian premiere of “River” by Junta Yamaguchi (Japan, 2023) will be held at Rossetti. The new bizarre fantasy from the director of “Beyond the Infinite Two Minutes” is a continuous déjà vu: at the Japanese Fujiya Inn, the staff and guests suddenly find themselves in a time loop in which everything returns to how it was two minutes before.

At 5.00 pm at the Politeama Rossetti it will be the turn of the preview of “Monolith” by Matt Vesely (Australia, 2022), a psychological thriller whose protagonist is the actress Lily Sullivan (“The House: The Awakening of Evil” by Lee Cronin) in as a disgraced journalist trying to save her career with a mystery-solving podcast.

On Tuesday 31 October at 6.30 pm at Miela “Visitors from Arkana Galaxy” by Dušan Vukotić (Yugoslavia, Czechoslovakia 1981) will be screened, a film with irresistible charm, contemporary comedy, alien film and extraordinary social satire, winner of the Jury Prize at the XIX Festival International Science Fiction Film Festival, which returns to Trieste this year in a restored 4K version, presented by the leading actress Ksenija Prohaska.

The evening continues at Rossetti at 8.00pm with “The Last Spark of Hope” by Piotr Biedroń (Poland, 2023), a Polish post-apocalyptic film that shows us a world devastated by climate change, questioning the limits between humans and intelligences artificial. At 9.30 pm everyone at Miela for the preview of “My Mother’s Eyes” by Takeshi Kushida (Japan, 2023): the visionary Japanese director of “Woman of the Photographs” unleashes his latest, extraordinary masterpiece by investigating the boundaries between truth and illusion in today’s world of constantly evolving new technologies.

Following at 10.00 pm new preview at the Rossetti with “The Deep Dark” by Mathieu Turi (France, 2023): the director of “Meander” and “Hostile” creates a creature feature that will take us into the deepest darkness, to the borders of a boundless and horrifying imagination, in which an ancient mutant threatens a coal mine in northern France.

Last screening on Tuesday 31 October at 00:00 at Miela with the short film “Transylvanie” by Rodrigue Huart (France, 2023) starring a little girl who believes she is a vampire, and the preview film “We Are Animals” by Thijs Bouman (Netherlands, 2023), in which the nightclubs of Amsterdam are the hunting ground of a serial killer who makes many kids disappear.

Tuesday 31 October new appointment with Mondofuturo meetings, which will be dedicated to literature: Beppe Roncari takes us to discover The Betrothed in a fantasy key: he presents the two novels “Engaged¹ – Il Libro di Renzo” and “Engaged² – Il Segreto di Lucia ” (Sperling & Kupfer) which are a tribute to the work of Manzoni, in the year of the 150th anniversary of his death, discovering its unsuspected relevance, in a story that unites angels, demons, witches and werewolves with the characters we all know. Following this, Dario Tonani presents “Il trentunesimo giorno” (Mondadori): from the most famous Italian science fiction writer, an eco-dystopia on a post-apocalyptic world, a wide-ranging novel that gives voice to the anxieties of our time.

Also on Tuesday 31 October at 4.30pm the last screening of Mondofuturo documentaries will be held at Miela with “Plastic Fantastic” by Isa Willinger, featuring representatives of the plastic industry and scientists and activists intent on discovering where the plastic is taking us.

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