The Capella Underground Purchases Cinema Ariston

Photo credits Capella Underground
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by InTrieste

The Capella Underground, an Audiovisual Research and Experimentation Center of Trieste, has purchased cinema Ariston in Viale Romolo Gessi, in hopes of turning it into a space where all art forms can collide.

After years of alliance first, and then management, the Capella Underground purchased the Trieste “art house” hall par excellence, the Ariston in Viale Romolo Gessi. After almost a decade (since 2014) of management of the Ariston by the Chapel, in recent days the film club has reached an agreement with the historic owner of the hall, Mario de Luyk, for the purchase of the space.

“The Ariston renovation project aims first of all to enhance it as a quality cinematographic space, but also open to other forms of art and entertainment, so that it is a place of culture and meeting for Trieste at a time when the collective experience is more important than ever” explained Chiara Barbo, president of La Cappella Underground.

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