Milan To Ban Cars From The City Center. What About Trieste?

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by InTrieste

Milan is to ban cars from the city center in 2024, the city’s mayor confirmed this week, stating that people can enter the shopping districts by taxi or public transport.

“We want to close the center of Milan to private traffic by the first half of 2024”, Sala on the sidelines of the Il verde e il blu environmental festival – “We’ll start with the center, but then we’ll expand.”

The move will see a ban on the circulation of all private cars in the central Quadrilatero della moda district and the surrounding streets – Corso Giacomo Matteotti, Via Case Rotte and Via Alessandro Manzoni – except for residents with garages or underground parking.

The center will remain open to taxis, public transport, NCCs (chauffeur-driven car hire), police and emergency service vehicles.

The city of Trieste, whilst much less congested and smaller in size, could use a break from the downtown traffic. The recent move in that direction was the reduction of the speed limit from the 50 km/h down to 30 km/h in the Prosecco, Contovello, Trebiciano, Padriciano, and Basovizza areas. Dozens of signs have appeared indicating 30 kilometers per hour as the maximum speed limit for all vehicles in transit. The move aims to reduce traffic accidents and smog as well as making roads safer for pedestrians and cyclists and improving quality of life in general.

As for the complete car ban from the city center, we’ll just have to wait and see if Trieste follows suit.

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