Do Italians Dress For The Season Or The Weather?

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by InTrieste

The change of seasons in Italy is a big deal and dictates that your entire summer wardrobe is stowed away and fall-weight apparel awakened from its dormant state. By making the “cambio di stagione,” a lot of times the old saying goes true- “Italians dress for the season and not for the weather”. 

Despite the recent unseasonably warm temperatures, many a local on the streets of Trieste was wearing a scarf, a cardigan, and sometimes event a jacket- because it’s fall, naturally. We ventured out downtown Trieste to see what the rational behind it was.

Generations of collective wisdom have bestowed an innate sense of practical fashion among Italians.

But it’s not just about style, of course. Keeping your body at the proper temperature is essential for optimal health. To do otherwise puts you at mortal risk from such menacing conditions as la cervicale, il colpo d’aria, il colpo della strega and other dangerous afflictions endemic to the Italian population.

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