Trieste È Un’Isola: Francesco De Filippo On Writing A New Book About The City He Now Calls Home

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by InTrieste

How did Trieste get into its current state? And where do we go from here? Renowned author and journalist Francesco De Filippo explores all these themes and more in his latest book, Trieste È Un’Isola (Trieste Is An Island).

Naples born writer and journalist Francesco De Filippo has entertained legions of readers with his insightful books, including titles such as La Nuova Via Della Seta, Prossimi Umani , and Le Visioni Di Johanna. In his latest spy story out this month, Francesco sets his sights on Trieste’s undercover world through the eyes of the secret service agent, Vincenzo Tagliente.

Book summary

Having fled Naples following an accident he would like to forget, former undercover secret service agent Vincenzo Tagliente arrives in Trieste, where life flows slowly and peacefully. Even with a touch of bitter nostalgia, he spends his time without worries affixing stamps at the municipal office. Until an unexpected event undermines the new, fragile balance: while visiting the Padriciano refugee camp, he comes across the enigmatic Anna Kostoric, a seventy-year-old Slovenian who has moved to the United States. From that moment on, Tagliente never stops thinking about the meeting. Then suddenly he starts receiving dramatic messages and requests for help from Anna. With the resourcefulness and recklessness of the secret agent, he then decides to investigate her and Padriciano: under the calm surface of Trieste a murky and disturbing past emerges, which takes Tagliente back in time, to one of the facts most important in the history of the country. An intense and complex detective story crossed by the ironic voice of its protagonist, which erases the always illusory line that divides the present from the past, uniting the broken pieces of painful existences that ask to be witnessed.

Francesco will present his latest creation this Friday, 13 October at 6 pm at the Lovat library on viale XX Settembre.

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