Is The Dreaded Colpo D’Aria Real?

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by InTrieste

It may be unheard of to outsiders but one of the most common fears in Italy is getting hit by a ‘colpo d’aria‘ or ‘colpo di freddo’– a blast of air – that can lead to all manner of ailments, from ‘cervicale‘ neck stiffness to ‘mal di fegato‘ liver pain.

Italians are generally known to be cautious in matters of health, as perhaps reflected in their average life expectancy, one of the highest in the world.

Drafts of all kinds are to be avoided, while sudden drops in temperature need to be managed carefully.

The colpo d’aria is most associated with the colder months, when not wearing appropriate vests, scarves or coats can leave people exposed to chills.

However summer poses its own seasonal dangers. Chief among these is getting an overdose of air conditioning or being too close to a fan.

In the city where bora wind is a constant, do locals believe in colpo d’aria? We ventured out to find out.

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