BAT Trieste Launches Awareness Campaign In Piazza Unità

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interview: Valentina Salcedo, Julia Kyrdoda

Since the 1980s, cigarette butts have consistently made up 30 to 40 percent of all items collected in annual international coastal and urban cleanups. That means cigarettes, which also top Italy’s list of most littered things, have the longstanding distinction of being the most littered item on earth, with about 4.5 trillion cigarettes discarded each year worldwide.

With this in mind, BAT Trieste placed an installation right in Piazza Unità to raise awareness of the horrific aftermath of such a “small gesture”, as the president of BAT Trieste, Andrea di Paolo told us in an interview.

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Valentina Salcedo
Born in Sogamoso, Colombia Valentina is a journalist with multiple articles in “Conexión Externado” and winner of the José Recassens recognition for the best chronicle the last edition. She is currently living in Trieste, inspired by the charm of the city. A Senior year Communication and Journalism student at the University Externado of Colombia. Storyteller by heart and a future author. Valentina is a full-time intern at InTrieste.


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