Summer Brings Changes To The City: The New Therapeutic Pool Is In The Works

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by Valentina Salcedo

“The former therapeutic pool has already been completely emptied and today the demolition has begun”, said the mayor, Roberto Dipiazza. 

This Monday Trieste celebrated a huge advance in the infrastructure of the city. Almost 4 years ago the “Acquamarina” therapeutic pool, in the Sachetta area, collapsed. Luckily for the people of Trieste, it was closed, and therefore, there were no injuries involved. Councilor Elisa Lodi explained that they have been working on the demolition for a few weeks. 

On Monday July 24 the external demolition started, and with it the future of a new pool. Lodi hopes that it will finish in a couple of months. Friuli Venezia Giulia region has contributed with million euro for the construction, after the demolition. As it is visible on the videos the intervention made on Monday was the first blow of the pneumatic pliers. 

On Monday morning, at 10:30, the mayor, Roberto Dipiazza, the councilor for public works, Elisa Lodi, the director of the Territory, Environment, Public Works and Heritage Service, Luigi Fantini, and the managers and technicians of the Ghiae Ponterosso company of San Vito al Tagliamento attended the event.

The plan proposes dismantling of electrical, water, and heating systems; getting rid of non-hazardous bulky items; volumetric reduction (in the building demolition); removal and sheath disposa. The plans also includes the realization of external sidewalks, partial destruction of parking, and restoration of horizontal and vertical signs after the removal of the site signs. These interventions will cost about 800.000 euro.

At the same time, the new headquarters of Esatto, nearby to the pool area, are being completed. The major, Dipiazza, underlined that there’s also a million euro investment in the railway museum, and the old fruit and vegetable market will soon become a parking lot. With visitors in every corner of the center, the events and summer spirit around, and the region improving several areas of interest the whole city will be a strategic point for “don’t miss it!” in Italy.

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Valentina Salcedo
Born in Sogamoso, Colombia Valentina is a journalist with multiple articles in “Conexión Externado” and winner of the José Recassens recognition for the best chronicle the last edition. She is currently living in Trieste, inspired by the charm of the city. A Senior year Communication and Journalism student at the University Externado of Colombia. Storyteller by heart and a future author. Valentina is a full-time intern at InTrieste.


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