The Night Of San Giovanni In Trieste: Bonfires, Ancient Rituals And Traditions

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by InTrieste

Trieste celebrates the night of San Giovanni on June 23d with bonfires and ancient rituals that symbolize the beginning of summer.

The night of San Giovanni is a special summer evening, which combines traditions of Christian and pagan origins that are lost in the mists of time, but which are still celebrated in Trieste’s rione San Giovanni with much participation.

The night of San Giovanni evokes magic and mystery, rituals that refer to the power of water and fire, the sun and the moon that on this date are believed to be pouring their beneficial energies onto earth.

Bonfires are probably the most iconic element of San Giovanni. Also known as falò, they are lit to celebrate and guard off evil spirits.

The celebration begins at the churches in piazzale Gioberti at 6.30 pm and 8 pm.

The bonfires will be lit at 9 pm in the outdoor space of the Oratorio Pio XII in San Giovanni and in the belvedere outside osteria Ferluga in Conconello.

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