Ancient Trieste Unearthed in Piazza Repubblica

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by InTrieste

Talk about a silver lining, when a broken water pipe that resulted in downtown floods last Sunday, reveals a sneak peek into Trieste’s history. 

Exactly that happened in our city in these past few days and it was a find that no one expected. 

Archeologists conducting a survey alongside the rapid reconstruction work by AcegasAspAmga have found what is being called Trieste’s most important archeological discovery in decades! For the very first time, we have physical evidence of civilization on via Mazzini that predates the Roman “Tergeste.” 

It’s easy to imagine the beauty this location would have once held for its former inhabitants, when it rested even closer to the sea than it does today. Ceramic samples from this structure are currently in the process of being studied and more accurately dated.

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