Il Rossetti’s ‘Shakespeare in the Park’: What Dreams Are Made Of

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Paolo Valerio’s Shakespeare in the Park is a moveable feast which takes the spectators on an emotional journey through the English troubadour’s masterpieces all the while enjoying the breathtaking beauty of Miramare Castle and its grounds.

The play takes the audience inside Castello Miramare with with a Shakespeare’s sonnet performed in English, on to the castle grounds with Romeo & Juliette, into the garden with Othello, on to Hamlet, under the trees with Macbeth, and back to the castle with Romeo & Juliette

The reading of Shakespeare’s masterpiece signifies a “return to the excitement and pleasure of the great theater for all the citizens of Trieste and for the tourists who are returning to our city,” said Il Rossetti’s director Paolo Valerio.

You can (and should) see the show until July 31 at 7.30 pm.

Tickets cost 15 euro and can be purchased at the door.

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