Kids Summer 2021 Bucket List

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by Ashley Caneva

Summer has officially begun: celebrate the freedom of summer with this checklist of ideas for family fun in and around Trieste!

  • RELAX on Pedocin Beach

This local institution is a rare holdover from Austro-Hungarian rule when beaches were divided into sections for men, and women & children. 

  • DISCOVER local sealife at BioMa

Located right outside of the gates to Miramare Castle, BioMa offers lots of ways for kids and adults to have up-close experiences with aquatic wildlife.

  • STAY up late to see the Perseids meteor shower

The Perseids is one of the most well-known and highly-visible meteor showers on Earth. This year, the Perseids meteor shower runs from July 16 to August 23, with the peak viewing time on the night of the 12th into the early morning hours of August 13th. 

  • CRAFT an underwater viewer

All you need is a large old tomato tin, some cling wrap, and a big rubber band to make this fun and educational beach toy! 

  • CELEBRATE Ferragosto

Have a cookout with family and friends to celebrate Italy’s famous national holiday. 

  • GIVE outgrown winter clothing away

If those jackets barely fit the kids this past winter but they still have a lot of life left in them, pass them along to a friend who could use them or donate them in any of the yellow collection bins around town.

  • EXPLORE the nearby beaches of Grado, Sistiana, and Jesolo

See a bit more of the local coast with a trip across the Gulf of Trieste to one of these beautiful beach towns. 

  • EAT homemade popsicles

Need a break from the summer gelato habit? Try homemade popsicles with fresh fruits from the local fruit and veg! 

  • GO for a bike ride along Barcola

Take in the views of Trieste’s beautiful coast with a breezy ride through Barcola – with lots of stops for playing, snacks, and taking a quick dip along the way! 

  • BAKE muffins for an easy beach breakfast

Muffins also make perfect trail snacks when hiking through the Carso!

  • VISIT Il Pane Quotidiano Lungomare

If you want a good breakfast with a view minus the hiking, head over to this new cafe situated right on the water with a view of Trieste, Miramare, and beyond.

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Ashley Caneva
Ashley Caneva was born and raised in Jacksonville, Florida, but developed a love for other cultures when she was very young and began traveling when she was 12. She studied Literature and History in college and was contemplating getting a Master’s degree in Shipwreck Archeology when she met her husband while on a trip to Peru. After working in early childhood classrooms, coordinating clinical trials, and running her own transcription business, she decided to combine her passions and created Little Explorers Big World, an online resource dedicated to cultivating a love and appreciation for world cultures in young children. Ashley is mother to two vivacious boys, a recent breast cancer survivor, an amateur genealogist, and is thrilled to live in a place where she can sink her teeth into her passion for history.


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