Will BBC’s Ham and Pineapple Pasta Recipe Be Well Received in Italy?

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by In Trieste

The BBC has published a recipe for Hawaiian Spaghetti, a dish it describes as “a family-friendly pasta recipe that makes the most of tinned foods.”

The ham and pineapple pasta combination is hailed as a “great twist to try for a quick mid-week dinner” particularly “if your kids love Hawaiian pizza”.

The “cheap pasta recipe” includes 200g of tinned ham, cut into cubes, a 400g tin of pineapple chunks in juice and 200g of full-fat cream cheese.

The pineapple juice is kept to one side to add to the dish before serving.

The recipe is likely to be badly received in Italy which in recent years has been affronted by the “Smoky Tomato Carbonara” in The New York Times as well as Nigella Lawson’s “Spaghetti with Marmite” and Gordon Ramsey’s ‘nightmare’ carbonara.

Italians recently rated the worst ‘crimes’ committed against their national cuisine around the world in a survey topped by “putting ketchup on pasta”.

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