American Warship in the Gulf of Trieste

Photo credits Blasetti
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by In Trieste

The local media in the past three days has been filled with pictures of American marines having a good time in Trieste’s hot spots, shopping in local malls and visiting our city’s attractions. These are the marines that came down from the USS Truman aircraft carrier which will leave our city on Wednesday, 27 April.

The US aircraft carrier Truman arrived in Trieste on Saturday 23 April after two months of military exercises with the Greek Air Force.

The presence of Truman in Trieste waters falls within the logic of a “shield” of control and deterrence set up between Europe and the Mediterranean, as a consequence of the outbreak of war between Russia and Ukraine. The ship’s technical-operational stopover in the North Adriatic was made possible due to NATO agreements.

The ship’s commander is the rear admiral Curt Renshaw: commands a fleet of 6 other naval units and 9 squadrons of aircraft.

The aircraft carrier can accommodate up to 6,500 soldiers, is armed with 60 aircraft and 5 helicopters that have a 330-meter runway at their disposal.

Truman, which will remain in the harbor for draft reasons, will leave Trieste on Wednesday, 27 April.

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