Triestine Mondays At The Pupkin Kabarett 

Photo credits Massimo Baxa
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by Erin McKinney

It’s Monday in Trieste folks. And while many places are closed in Trieste on Mondays, The Pupkin Kabarett will be waiting for you with open arms! 

photo credits Massimo Baxa

What is The Pupkin Kabarett you ask? First of all, it’s the most famous comedic theater show in Trieste. Second of all, well it’s actually quite difficult to describe the chaos that ensues on the stage. The company is made up of a group of untrained, ill-prepared performers desperately trying to remember what they’re even doing there. It’s hard to tell if the comedy is intentional or if the audience is merely laughing at the clumsiness of it all. Either way, you’ll be laughing with us or at us. So come on out and help us make it through another night of this nonsense. 

photo credits Massimo Baxa

Along with the usual cast, the Triestini band I SCONTI will be accompanying us throughout the night, playing a mix of their original songs as well as providing some background noise to help us out when we forget what we’re doing. TONI BRUNA, one of Trieste’s beloved musical poets, will also take the stage and really test your understanding of the local dialect. And finally, there’s even talk that the great Paolo Rossi himself might be seen wandering the aisles of the theater around that same time.

If you feel confused about the Triestine culture and want to learn more, this show will guarantee that you leave feeling even more confused! So we’ll see you tonight, Monday March 7th at Teatro Miela at 20.23.

Come on time, leave when you can’t take it anymore!       

Get your tickets here.

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Erin McKinney (USA 1982) is an American visual artist, creator, performer, and professional party starter living in Trieste. She moved to Trieste in 2015 after completing her photography studies in Amsterdam and has been working as a photographer/artist ever since. Whenever possible, she enjoys discovering new places in Trieste, going on adventures in the nature with her dog Lucy, and travelling the world while working on projects and searching for inspiration.



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