Vanessa Degrassi: From New Orleans to Trieste in Search of Her Roots

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by In Trieste

Every Saturday we’re spotlighting local females who could change the way we look at the world. This Saturday is Vanessa Degrassi’s turn. Born in New York to Italian parents, Vanessa is in Trieste in search of her roots.

How long have you been in Trieste for?

Vanessa: About a week. This is my second time here and I love the place. It feels like home.

Were you born in Italy?

I was born in New Jersey into an Italian family. My family is originally from Istria, and most of them immigrated to America but there are some folks left here in Trieste. Like my cousin Lorenzo, who I am staying with and who is showing me around the city. I now live in New Orleans but for a while now I’ve been itching to find my roots and that brought me here, to Trieste.

Do you feel more Italian or American?

I grew up eating Italian food. Or better, Triestine food as we always had soups, Austrian influenced dishes. So both, I guess.

What do you do?

I am a musician, I play the flute. And a few years ago I realized I really loved learning about plants, so now I am on the plant path. I love to see how plants are intertwined with the culture and the people who live in the place. 

What do you think about Trieste?

It feels like home. I hope I can move here!

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