Poke Scuse: a New Entry in Trieste’s Dining Scene

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by Micol Brusaferro

A new entry in the dinning scene of Trieste, chain restaurant Poke Scuse opened in piazza Ponterosso 4 on 14 July with two floors of healthy food which includes a breakfast bar.

Poke Scuse is a franchise from the region of Veneto. On their website, the young founders explain that “Poke Scuse is a project with the goal to revolutionize the classic world of fast-food. We are promoters of a healthy and balanced diet and lifestyle, with the focus on the quality and freshness of our products. Thanks to our menu, the bowls are completely modular. We meet the needs of each client; in fact, our choice of proteins ranges from an excellent selection of cruditée to cooked food appreciated by the little ones”.

It’s easy to make your order, just follow the menu’s instructions. You can choose from different sizes, fill your bowl with mixed ingredients, which vary each day.

Trieste’s location is the biggest Poke Scuse in Italy (200mq), open from 11 am to 9.30 pm daily.

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