Voting for the Best Short Story in “Trieste During Covid” Literary Contest

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Dear readers, we invite you to leave a comment under this article with the number of the story you liked the most. If you prefer to vote anonymously, you could send us an email to Voting closes tonight at midnight!

We thank every writer for sending their wonderful stories our way and every reader for reading and voting on them. Best of luck to all of the participants!

1. Dystopian Living in Trieste by Sarah Donnisoric

2. That’s How I See You, Trieste by Marjetka Jelenc

3. A Different Landscape by Anna Pettener

4. Lanterna Encounter by Asya Gefter

5. The Empty Streets by Rita Siligato

6. Voice of autism in Trieste: can Covid lifestyle be almost an autistic way of living? by Paola Marangi

7. Bora, Lievito and Mascherina by Alessandra

8. The Constant City-in-Waiting by E. J. Abrahams

9. Meeting Myself Through Trieste by Smritirekha Talukdar

10. In Lock-Down but Never Locked by Kay Cabral

These stories are part of the literary competition created by In Trieste magazine in collaboration with Comune di Trieste called “Stories from Trieste to the World” which was open to all female writers living in Trieste as part of the annual “Festa della Donna” initiative by the city of Trieste.

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  1. I liked, Asya Gefter’s piece very much, a gentle, but realistic view of the difficulties of changing one’s place of living and remaining open to new encounters.


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