Italy Puts FVG Back in the Orange Zone

Trieste. Photo credits Keiron Mayora
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by In Trieste

Health Minister Roberto Speranza signed a new ordinance which moves Friuli Venezia Giulia back into the orange zone on Monday, 8 March.

The new national decree which extends Italy’s state of emergency until 30 April 2021 will take effect on 8 March.

Friuli Venezia Giulia has been assigned to “orange zone” for at least a two week period where the following rules will apply.


Travel between regions, regardless of color, is prohibited until 27 March 2021.  Exceptions: work, situations of necessity, health reasons, and return home. 

The following rules will apply from 8 March 2021 nationwide:

Once a day, people will be allowed to move to another private home, between 5.00 am and 10 pm. No more than two people can visit another person’s private home (children under 14/disabled persons do not count toward the maximum). 

In orange regions the movement can take place within the same Municipality.

Exception: In orange regions, people in municipalities with 5,000 inhabitants or less can travel, including a visit to a private home, within a 30km radius of their municipal borders (excluding travel to the provincial capitals).

Curfew remains in place from 10 pm to 5 am each day, and travel is only permitted during these hours for work needs, situations of necessity, health reasons, and return home. 

Face Coverings, Distancing, and Gatherings

The rules regarding face coverings, distancing, and gatherings remain the same.

Restaurants and Bars

In orange regions table service will remain prohibited. 

Restaurants may offer delivery (24/7) and takeaway (until 10 pm). 

Bars can offer delivery (24/7) and takeaway (until 6 pm).

Recreation, Culture, and Sports

Cinemas and theaters will remain closed.

Gyms and swimming pools will remain closed.

Museums remain closed in orange and red regions. Libraries can be accessed by reservation.

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