Italian government considers new restrictions

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By In Trieste

To stop the contagion curve, the Italian government is considering new restrictions such as provincial lockdowns.

The new restrictions will include red zones lockdowns at provincial level, as opposed to national or regional, reports Italian news agency ANSA.

Other measures being considered include the closure of shopping malls on weekends, a ban on inter-regional travel and possible additional restrictions for over-70s because they are especially vulnerable to COVID-19.

The Italian government is also considering setting up virus hotels to host people who do not have space at home to isolate and risk infecting family members. Other measures include the possibility of distance learning for all high school students.

The new package is set to include a nationwide curfew at night kicking in at 21:00, reports ANSA.

The new decree comes amid the nationwide protests after the government’s previous restrictions, which include the closure of theaters, cinemas, swimming polls and gyms and the obligation for restaurants and bars to stop serving at 18:00.

PM Conte is to present the proposed restrictions in parliament this afternoon, 2 November.

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