Tiramisù World Cup to take place in Treviso, October 30 – November 1

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By In Trieste

The 2020 edition of the Tiramisù World Cup will take place in Treviso October 30- November 1.

About 200 tiramisù enthusiasts will battle to win the world title over the course of three days. Competitors, who must be 18 or over, and strictly non-professional are required to choose between a creative recipe and the traditional recipe, which must include six basic ingredients: savoiardi (ladyfingers), mascarpone, eggs, coffee, cocoa powder, and white sugar.

The championships will be held in stages between 30 October and 1 November at Piazza dei Signori in Treviso.

We interviewed last year’s participant Maria Kochetkova who took part in the 3d edition of the Tiramisù World Cup in Villa Manin in 2019.

Tiramisù World Cup, Villa Manin 2019

In Trieste: Are you an experienced Tiramisù maker?

Maria: I’m more of an experienced Tiramisù eater. I was invited by Promo FVG to take part in this competition and write and article about it.

IT: Did you choose the traditional or creative recipe?

M: I chose the creative recipe. My secret was adding a handful of dry amaretti to the cream. It makes it quiet tasty.

Tiramisù World Cup

IT: Did you win?

M: No, I was so engrossed in preparing the cream that I forgot to add the cocoa powder at the end. But the whole experience was absolutely fantastic. I had tons of fun and definitely recommend taking part in the 2020 edition.

For full details and rules of the Tiramisù World Cup, see website.

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