How to Handle Temptation

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By Kira Stellato

Mindful Health and Living Coach Kira says: “Everyone has experienced the desire to indulge in the things we truly enjoy, even when we know we shouldn’t. Self-control alone doesn’t work. So, what should we do to enjoy life responsibly?”

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Kira Stellato
Dr. Kira Stellato is a licensed Social & Health Psychologist and a meditation teacher with a PhD in Neuroscience and Cognitive Sciences. She promotes mindful health & living through her blogs, her workshops, her books, and her zest for life! Kira has been working around the world, notably in the USA, UK, Switzerland and China. She provides international coaching to individuals, groups and entrepreneurs via telepsychology, and digital e-learning, notably in the fields of mindful change, healthy living and stress management in times of transition. She likes to inspire and promote creativity, lateral thinking and problem-solving through expressive methods such as journaling, narrative medicine, and Expressive Arts Therapy.


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