Fedriga Ranks Second In The Governance Poll

Massimiliano Fedriga, Photo credits Il Piccolo
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Massimiliano Fedriga ranks second in the governance poll and becomes one of the most beloved governors in Italy, with 59.8% of votes.

Coronavirus has irreparably conditioned the opinion of Italian politician at the local level, as can be seen from the latest data of the Governance Poll, reported by Il Sole 24 Ore.

The first place in the ranking of administrators with the highest acclaim goes to Veneto’s Luca Zaia, who is confirmed as one of the most beloved governors and is widely acclaimed for his behavior and decisions made in the most critical moments.

After Zaia comes Massimiliano Fedriga, president of our Friuli Venezia Giulia, part of the League, with 59.8% of votes. Fedriga, who turned 40 on July 2, has been described as a great leader, perfect orator, and an educated and knowledgeable governor. An example of Fedriga’s political legerdemain was his decision to start the lockdown earlier than the rest of Italy.

As for the mayors, Trieste’s Dipiazza placed 77th with 50,9 % of votes.

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